Most of this article is drawn from Michael Vickery1 and Meng-Try Ea’s2 work on behalf of the Documentation Centre of Cambodia. Both authors interviewed survivors from this time, either victims or servants of the KR regime, who told their story as they experienced it.

Vickery’s motivation for his work seems to have been to more clearly tease out what had happened in various parts of Democratic Kampuchea (DK), and contrast this with what he called the Standard Total View (STV), a narrative which holds that the policies that have come to define the KR years “were invariant as to time and place; the scenario was true everywhere, all the time, between April 1975 and January 1979”3

Khmer Rouge atrocities in Kampot Province

The information below comes from the Yale University Genocide Study Program, and the Document Centre in Phnom Penh. It details the sites that have been confirmed to be locations of mass atrocities in Kampot Province carried out over the Khmer Rouge rule, in some cases from as early as 1971.

This page is designed to collect what is known or remembered about the administration of the Kampot and Takeo regions from 1975-79.

Region 35 (Kampot) 

Regional level personnel