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Our work has led to the recent publishing of the book "Sakun's Kampot" which tells in one place of the history of Kampot from the early 1800's to the present day. It uses interviews with witnesses to some of the events of the last 75 years in Kampot province as well as extensive research from other primary and secondary sources. The book is available on any ebook platform, including Amazon. The webiste for the book is as follows: 

It will soon be available in bookshops in Kampot: check out Keplers and Bookish Bazaar or ring Sakun on 012 432 201

The “Kampot-on the edge” project has been created to collect, collate and publish (here) information, stories and inquiries from the past of this most unique and captivating region in southern, coastal Cambodia. We start with the intention of involving others in this voluntary and self-appointed mission.  If you have stories to tell, can add to our information base or can help us progress an inquiry, please get in contact with us (see below).

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This website aspires to be something between a scholarly historical journal and a newspaper. We have arranged the material around meaningful time periods within which we will develop inquiries and collect information. For themes that span time periods, such as the Vietnam War and the history of pepper farms, we will arrange under appropriate headings.

We begin our journey in the early 1860’s leaving to others to collect the history before then. We take things up to the year 2000 to avoid any overlap with political considerations of the day. What we consider 'Kampot' varies by time. Though Kep and Sihanoukville are now separate provinces, they have always been part of the Kampot story. During the 1970's we broaden the area to include Takeo, which was a key part of the Southwest Zone, and ruled jointly by the Khmer Rouge warlord, Ta Mok.

For visitors to Kampot we have an additional service to offer – driver-guides who are locals who speak excellent English, have informative maps to bolster their explanations, are being up-skilled in the history of their province, and make their living informing and educating visitors to the region. There is a link to this service at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoy this living history of the jewel that is Kampot, and look forward to hearing from you.

Most recent work - I have just uploaded an article on the events in Kampot in 1970. This will be one part of the book Sakun and I are preparing on the history of Kampot as told through the lives of the people on the salt fields. We will upload some other parts before publication, expected in late 2019. 

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